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When it comes to organizing an event, one thing is certain: you want it to be memorable. And there's no better way to do that than with an exceptional video.

At the will of the customer

Regardless of the upcoming event, we are sure you want to immortalize it. These are some of the more common events, but we also like a good challenge.

Marriage proposal

Capture the emotions, tears and unforgettable moments of a special moment


Show your audience the new ambience of the space and highlight key features and highlights of the venue

Product Presentation

Convey product features and benefits in a visually appealing and engaging way

Get down on one knee!

Turn this unique moment into an eternal memory with a high-quality video that captures every smile, tear and word. Our experienced team guarantees discretion and precision, capturing every detail with state-of-the-art equipment. Relive the emotion of your big moment and share it with friends and family. Schedule now and make your order unforgettable!

The stage to the world

Let's help your concert to be seen and heard by thousands of people. Our qualified team will capture all the highlights and special moments of your concert and transform them into an incredible video that will highlight the talent of the artists and the emotion of your event.

Don't miss the opportunity to promote your concert professionally and effectively.

Just let your product fly

Ensure your event is captured and presented in a professional and engaging manner. Our experienced team can help you capture all the highlights of your product launch event, including the presentations, interviews and product demos, and turn them into an impactful video that will show your customers that your product is exceptional.

Most recent project

Wedding proposal held on the spectacular banks of the Douro River

EU4U study presentation

Promotional Videos produced for the National Federation of European Studies, at an event held at Palácio da Necessities, in Lisbon.

expOH Promo Videos

Promotional videos produced for the Municipality of Oliveira do Hospital. Announcement of the expOH 2024 regional fair

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