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Reach new customers, extend your SEO, increase your website traffic, raise awareness among your customers, and above all, establish your brand identity

Why is it important?

1 - It helps to establish and strengthen your brand identity

Corporate video is an excellent way to strengthen your brand identity. This is because it allows you to create a consistent visual identity for your business. When someone watches your video, they will learn about your company's product or service offerings, your company culture, and the type of customer service you provide. That's why branding is key to a successful video marketing strategy.

2 - Improves your visibility on search engines (Google, etc)

A video is a great tool for attracting and engaging potential customers. Once published on your website, social media or YouTube, it will drive more organic traffic to your website. Also, Google likes to rank videos above other forms of content because they know how useful they are to your site visitors. That's why you'll often see first page search engine results dominated by corporate videos.

3 - Helps increase customer awareness and engagement

Video marketing has also been proven to increase customer engagement. Studies show that customers who watch corporate videos are 50% more likely to buy through your company. Furthermore, these customers are also more likely to recommend your brand to their network. In short, the investment in creating a corporate video is worth the return on investment.

Information retrieved from Arc+CrownMedia - 3 reason why a corporate video is important for your Company

Watching a video is easier
to read a text

A video is much easier to consume and can capture attention faster than text.

Give your business personality

Your company's personality is created by the content you produce, the customer builds a perception of your brand from the information you give them

Build trust in your business

A good corporate video will help build trust in your brand or business, resulting in returning customers.

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Produzimos vídeo institucionais para todas estas entidades

Institutional Video produced for the "MyIced" franchise. The owner of the establishment contacted us with the need for a promotional video that would be able to capture the essence of the business. An indoor and outdoor space, cafeteria, ice cream, creperie and the best BubbleTea in the country!

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